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Our mission is to provide consistent and efficient care to children with autism. We wish to create a unified relationship with families, rooted in transparency and a shared commitment for change. It is our goal to help our students reach their maximum potential, while providing families with the knowledge and tools to emulate our care model.

ATLAS is a small, locally owned center. We care for only 12-14 children at a time in our facility, and each year we typically only add 2-5 new kiddos. Most kids begin receiving services with us at 2 years old, and they stay within our care until they are 5 or 6. There is very little turnover. All of this to say, we wish we could care for every family that calls us, but there are very few spaces available in our center, and our waitlist, like most other clinics is extensive. We cannot, in good faith, tell you how long it will be until we can see your child or if we can ever see your child, and for that we apologize.   We're doing our best to support families on the Westbank. If you need referrals to other facilities, feel free to call our center and we can direct you in their directions as well. 



ATLAS Autism Center is a locally owned and operated therapy facility for children with autism. We provide in-clinic therapy to children between the ages of 2-6 to increase various skills such as language, social, group, early academic, and adaptive. Our philosophy is to provide consistent, transparent, and efficient care to our clients.


ATLAS Autism Center provides in clinic therapy to children with autism. Our services include the following: 1:1 direct therapy (ABA), group instruction, teen social groups, and parent training.


Thank you for your interest in ATLAS! To begin the process of possibly enrolling your child at ATLAS, please click the link below. You'll find all of the relevant intake documents needed to start the enrollment process. Fill out the brief Prospective Client Form, and an ATLAS Representative will be with you shortly.

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