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Building on our philosophy and care model





The national board recommends that BCBA caseloads be between 6 and 12 for full-time comprehensive treatment. Our caseloads cap out at 8 per BCBA, so that the BCBA is able to effectively attend to each client with equal attention. 

By having smaller caseloads, our BCBAs are able to supervise the line technicians working directly with the children at a much higher rate than a BCBA with a large caseload.

Our RLTs are trained on site with a client and a BCBA present - not solely through videos. 

ATLAS schedules weekly parent meetings to open discussions about progress, future goals, and other concerns. Parents are encouraged to bring concerns to each meeting so that the BCBA and RLT may model effective techniques.

Parents are invited to schedule observations as often as they desire, so long as the integrity of the session is not at risk. 

Parent will receive daily copies of session notes which includes: behavior, self help skills, and narrative notes. At the end of the week, parents receive a summary of all the week's data.

At ATLAS, your child will be supervised by his or her BCBA for a minimum of 4 hours per week.


In addition, only one BCBA will supervise your child, so there will be no confusion over who to contact with your questions or concerns.


Your line technician will remain the same for a minimum of 3 months, at which point we will review the effectiveness of their therapy with your child and decide if a change is necessary. Any proposed changes will be brought to your attention before they are carried out. 

ATLAS provides comprehensive, in-clinic services Monday through Thursday from 8:30am until 5:00pm. This unique schedule is to allow our clients and our therapists to have a long weekend. Burn out and turnover is real. We want our clients and our therapists to be well rested and excited about coming into therapy on Mondays. 

Once every 5 weeks, ATLAS will schedule a group parent meeting, in which one specific topic will be discussed at length. Parents are encouraged to suggest future topics.

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